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IRB Policy

Human subjects research is governed by strict guidelines, which apply to all student researchers. Prior to conducting any research involving human subjects, students are advised to review the Human Subjects - IRB page of the Duquesne University website and to complete the following steps:

1. All individuals wishing to conduct human subjects research must first complete the online CITI training program and provide proof of completion prior to the submission of any IRB protocol requests. Further information on how to enroll in a CITI training program for the first time can be found at the CITI website.

2. Following successful completion of the CITI training program, all student researchers much apply for and receive approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Relevant policies and procedures as well as IRB documents can be found on the Human Subjects - IRB page of the Duquesne University website.

All IRB documentation (including CITI training certification) can be submitted and managed through the Duquesne University Mentor system. The Mentor IRB User Guidelines provide basic instructions on how to use the Mentor system. 

For student researchers, your dissertation chair or faculty advisor must approve and support any studies you choose to conduct. Students should furthermore consult with their dissertation chair or faculty advisor when preparing necessary IRB documentation.

Once IRB protocols have been reviewed, revisions may be requested before final approval is given. If revisions are requested, student researchers must adhere to the following university policy: "The revisions requested must have the IRB chair's approval within 90 calendar days after the date of this letter. Otherwise this file will be de-activated and you will need to submit a new protocol and assigned a new protocol number." This policy applies to all categories of IRB review. Final approval must be received BEFORE beginning data collection.

Please contact the IRB office if you have any questions by emailing them directly at irb@duq.edu or sending a message via the Mentor system.