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Online Teacher Endorsement

What makes a good online instructor?

As an educator, your probably saw the changing landscape in terms of online instruction.  Our four-course PDE Endorsement allows teachers to learn the aspects of what makes a quality online K-12 course, and how you as a teacher can help foster student development through a cyber community.

In our PDE Online Teaching Endorsement program, candidates will need to successfully pass up to four classes (12 credits) to be recommended for a PDE Endorsement. In the program, candidates will learn to develop instructional lesson plans, create active learning environments in an online world, assess student success.

If you are returning to Duquesne and you have completed GILT 512 - Design, GILT 513 - Development of Applications and GILT 518 - Assessment, you may have already completed 3 of the 4 courses necessary for the PDE Online Teaching Endorsement.

Contact Komal Rizvi (412.396.1995) to determine how many courses are needed to complete this endorsement.

Apply online at duq.edu/instructional-technology and submit official college transcripts from previous and current institutions.