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Schedule and Semester Offering

The following courses comprise the program of study for the Master of Science in Education in Instructional Technology.

View the online Graduate School Course Catalog for detailed Program course descriptions. Refer to this catalog for electives and other courses.

Due to new PDE regulations, there are additional ESL and Special Education requirements. Students will be required to have three (3) credits of ESL and nine (9) credits of Special Education. These courses are PDE requirements and not a part of your Program IF you can show similar courses on your transcripts.

Course Number
Course Title
Semester Schedule

Education Foundations (Select One Course)

GREV 525 Research Literacy 3
GFDE 510 Theories of Teaching and Learning 3
GSCE 520 Introduction to Teaching 3
GILT 631 Online Instructional Techniques 3

Foundations of Instructional Technology (Select All Three Courses)

GILT 511 Online Technology and Education FA, SP, SU 3
GILT 514 Online Management of Instructional Technology SU 3
GILT 518 Online Assessment of Teaching / Learning with Instructional Technology SP 3

Designing and Developing Materials for PK-12 and Adult Learning (Select All Four Courses)

GILT 512 Online Instructional Design FA 3
GILT 513 Online Instructional Applications of Technology SP 3
GILT 520 Online Teaching with Technology Across the Curriculum SP 3
GILT 515 Online Instructional Technology Practicum FA, SU 3

Electives (Select Two Courses: 6 Credits Required)

Courses listed below are just a few of the courses available as electives. Contact your advisor before enrolling in any elective course.

GILT 524 Ed Tech Hardware Certification SU 3
GILT 509 Online Independent Study in Instructional Technology 1-6
GILT 521 Digital Imagery for Teachers FA 3
GDIT 711 Online Distance Learning Global Leadership Seminar 3
GILT 540 Online Delivery, Trends, Responsibilities & Professionalism FA 3

ESL and Special Education (All Four Courses are Required for PDE Certification)

GESL 501 Online Helping English Language Learners in Mainstream SP 3
GSPE 501 Online Exploring Inclusive Teaching Supports Varies 3
GSPE 502 Online Legal and Ethical Issues in Special Education Varies 3
GSPE 503 Social Justice and Empowerment in Special Education Varies 3

Other University courses, other Education courses or transfer courses may be requested and require faculty approval.

*Online courses may be synchronous (meets real-time online), asynchronous, or a combination of both. Classes are delivered asynchronously online and synchronously online.

Asynchronous classes contain material, instructor contact information and submission guidelines. Synchronous classes add online meetings at specified dates and time via GoToTraining and GoToMeeting from Citrix.

Check with your advisor or course instructor for weekly meeting time and location requirements.