European History Area - 30 credits total

Required Courses - 18 credits (6 courses)

Methodological Courses - 6 credits (both required)

HIST 601 Introduction to Graduate History
HIST 602 Research Seminar

Period Courses - 6 credits

Choose 2 from the European period courses:
HIST 501 Medieval Europe
HIST 511 Early Modern Europe
HIST 619 19th-Century Europe
HIST 620 20th-Century Europe

Elective Courses - 6 credits

Choose 2 other European courses (from above or below):
HIST 513 Renaissance Europe: Courts and Nobles
HIST 521 Roman Catholicism in the Long 19th Century, 1789-1914
HIST 528 British Empire
HIST 548 World at War
HIST 550 The Cold War
HIST 552 Modern Germany, 1871-1991
HIST 588 China and the West 

In addition to your required courses above, please choose the 12-credit (4 courses) track in which you are interested:

A. Thesis Track

B. Non-Thesis with Minor Track

C. Non-Thesis without Minor Track