3-10-2016 Daniel Lieberfeld

The Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research
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Date: Thursday, March 10th, 2016
Time: 4:30-6:00pm
Location: Berger Gallery (207 College Hall), Duquesne University
Title: Toward a Typology of Beatles Lyrics
Presenter: Dr. Daniel Lieberfeld, Associate Professor, Department of History, Duquesne University

Presentation Details:
The music and lives of the Beatles have been intensively considered, their song lyrics much less so. Qualitative and some quantitative analysis of the Beatles⿿ 183 original recorded lyrics furnishes a basis for considering trends in their lyrics⿿particularly their thematic diversification, and increased narrative complexity. The analysis highlights lyrics from Sergeant Pepper⿿s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which the Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature calls ⿿the most important and influential rock-and-roll album ever recorded.⿝ At the time of Pepper, the band saw in new technologies, particularly electronic media, a way to bridge social, political, and interpersonal distances. They also recognized that the same technologies that made interpersonal and intercultural connectivity possible could also foster isolation and atomization. These trends of connection and separation resonated with their own lived experience and with tensions within the group. The group⿿s vocal arrangements on Pepper articulate the connection-disconnection dialectic through a form of ⿿heteroglossia⿝⿿a multiplicity of voices whose dialog represents conflicting social, political, or cultural tendencies. The presentation considers what these lyrical trends imply about the sources of the group⿿s unrivaled popularity and influence and distinctive aspects of their lyrics during their creative peak.

Daniel Lieberfeld teaches cultural and diplomatic history and directs the minor in Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution at Duquesne. His articles on cultural politics have been published in African-American Review, The American Scholar, Film Quarterly, Journal of Popular Film and Television,Logos, Quarterly Review of Film & Video, The Sixties: A Journal of History, Politics and Culture, and TDR: The Drama Review.

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