Special Programs & Certificates

Special Programs

Combined BS/MS Degrees Program

Computational Mathematics and Statistics is a graduate program, offering a Masters in Science degree. However, qualified undergraduate students in either mathematics or computer science can begin study in Computational Mathematics and Statistics as early as their junior year.  Under this program, students can potentially earn a Master's of Science degree with one year of study after completing their Bachelor's, rather than the normal two years.  The Computational Mathematics and Statistics graduate program is highly interdisciplinary, training students in three key technical disciplines: mathematics, computer science, and statistics.  Interested students should consult the program description page for more information and application materials.

Dual-Degree Program

A dual degree program with the School of Education provides students with the opportunity to earn both a degree in mathematics (BS or BA) and a degree in secondary education.

Business Certificate

The business certificate program allows a student to add a minor in Business to their mathematics and/or computer science major.

Certificate in Actuarial Science

The Certificate in Actuarial Science is an eighteen (18) credit program composed of courses from two schools: the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts and the Palumbo School of Business.

Online Bachelor's Degree

The Computer Systems Technology (CST) Program is an innovative online degree program that offers working professionals, military personnel, and other motivated students an opportunity to complete their Baccalaureate coursework in the field of computing technology.


Students can earn credit, possibly toward their major, for internship work.  Interested students should contact the department for details.