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Data Science B.S. - NEW FALL 2020

Every day human interaction with technology generates enormous volumes of data. This ever-growing collection of information is leveraged in virtually every industry, including healthcare, government, manufacturing, social media, banking, and beyond. The Data Science B.S. program at Duquesne University will prepare you to provide practical solutions to problems involving small data sets to massive amounts of data. This incorporates the entire data science pipeline, including problem formulation, data collection, high powered computing, statistical analyses, and meaningful interpretation. Data scientists are in high demand in any industry that needs to collect and interpret data.

The data science major at Duquesne prepares students to:
  • Generate, collect, clean, store, manage, and process data
  • Implement data visualization and exploratory data analysis techniques
  • Develop statistical and data-based models that appropriately address a problem of interest
  • Be proficient in Python, R, SAS, and other languages and software used in Data Science
  • Interpret model output in the context of real world solutions
  • Translate data problems, methods, and findings in oral, visual, and written formats to any audience