JPIC 200 - Foundations of Theological Reflection

Pilot group of JPIC students in Zimbabwe - 2010

This course aims to help you to:

  • Gain a basic understanding of the major components of theological reflection as integral to practical/pastoral theology;
  • Practice a model of theological reflection in a way appropriate to your own ministerial context and goals;
  • Begin to develop the habit of theological reflection for yourself as a central competency for ministry and to prepare for the later modules in this course.

The instructor, Dr. Maureen R. O'Brien, is Associate Professor of Theology and Director of Pastoral Ministry at Duquesne University. Dr. O'Brien teaches and writes in the areas of practical and pastoral theology, theological anthropology, theology of ministry, social justice education and catechetics

The course ended on a very positive note, which I hope will propel [my students] into further courses once they have finished with us. It is my opinion that the on-line distance learning, which is so attractively packaged and so respectful of adult education principles is a wonderful resource for on-going theological reflection in the context of ministry.
Rev. Billy Cleary, C.S.Sp., local course coordinator, Harare, Zimbabwe

JPIC students working at computers in Zimbabwe - 2011

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The following pagescontain links to watch, listen to or read the videos that accompany the PowerPoint presentations in different formats.JPIC students working at computers in Zimbabwe - 2011

Part 1: Practical/Pastoral Theology and Theological Reflection

Part 2: Important Considerations in Theological Reflection

Part 3: Practicing Theological Reflection

Part 4: Developing Habits for Theological Reflection in Your Ministry

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