reckoning, reason, judgment, method

Ask better questions; work toward more satisfying answers.

Director: Sean Tierney, Mathematics & Computer Science

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The RATIO Learning Community will work to better understand the needs and concerns of those who carry out the indispensable task of serving and protecting the masses through coursework, presentations, projects, and guest-speakers. Furthermore, students in the RATIO Learning Community will work together with the Office for Military and Veteran Students to help raise awareness for Veterans' issues while using their reasoning and critical thinking skills to tackle some of the problems facing our Veterans.

Fall 2021
Students intending to major in either Math or Computer Science may not choose the RATIO Learning Community

MATH 125C Fundamentals of Statistics (MWF 9:00am) Sean Tierney (Mathematics & Computer Science)

Regardless of our professions and interests, we are all consumers of statistics. After all, whether on television, in newspapers, in journal articles, or in the course of daily activities, statistics are an integral part of our everyday lives. For that reason, this course is designed to provide students with information regarding the computation and interpretation of statistical measures.

But more importantly, we will discuss how these measures may be used to evaluate and solve real-world problems, highlighting how statisticians can effect change and make a difference in the lives of others.

 SOCI 106C Social Problems and Social Policy (TR 9:25am) Dr. Anita Zuberi (Sociology)

Through this course we will study the major social problems present in American society today and the policies intended to address them. Using major sociological perspectives, we will examine the bases for social inequality in our society, with a specific focus on class, gender, race, ethnicity, and health. We will also discuss the role of social institutions, such as the family, education, and the economy in contributing to these social problems and solutions. Finally, we will discuss how individuals can work together to promote social change.

The class will also examine the social problems present in our local Pittsburgh community in order gain a greater understanding and connection to the place in which we live.