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32nd Annual ACS Student Member Symposium

Saturday, APRIL 14, 2018

2018 ACS Regional Symposium Schedule


American Chemical Society of Duquesne University

Visit the Duquesne University American Chemical Society Student Members site.

Duquesne ACS Student Executive Board Members

Keefe McDougal - President
Angelo Miskalis - Vice President
John Roth - Treasurer
Hannah Gering - Secretary
Emily Allego - Event Coordinator
Emily Leung - Event Coordinator
Pranav Cannabilla - Public Outreach

Dana Dryzal, Anna Iacovino, Elisabeth Latawiec, Jared Miller, Aurelia Moses, Brynn Roman and McKenna Then - Junior Executive Board Members


Contact the Duquesne Student Members:

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Parking is available in the Forbes Avenue Garage at Duquesne University. View our Visitor's Page for a campus map and driving directions. Bring your parking ticket to the Symposium and we will validate it.