physics teacher programs Duquesne Pittsburgh

Do you want to become a physics teacher?

Why is the sky blue if the air is invisible? How do black holes bend light? Can a tiny bit of stuff really be in two places at once? Do you really stay younger if you run very fast? So many great questions, so few people who can tell a school kid what they mean!

There is a national shortage of physics teachers with the ideal qualifications: people who can not only teach physics but also spark the imagination of learners and prep them to want to learn more.

We care that so few kids in school get to meet a great physics teacher. Starting Fall 2021, we have three phenomenal academic pathways towards physics teaching certification and a career that makes a difference in the lives of science learners:

BSED Secondary Science BSED secondary Science + BA Physics BA/BS Physics + MAT Secondary Science
A bachelor's degree in education with a second major in physics. Two undergraduate degrees in nine semesters, with an accelerated track to graduate in eight semesters. An undergraduate degree and a master's degree in five years.
A straight track to the high-school classroom. Go into the high-school classroom with a physics degree in hand. For those who prefer to focus on physics first.

Choose the timeline that best suits your career plans to lead young minds into a path of endless wonder!