Duquesne in Rome Program Costs

The Italian Campus program has the special distinction of being a "Duquesne University Best Study Abroad Value" program. This means that you pay the SAME tuition and room and board as when you stay on campus. PLUS, all Duquesne-based scholarships and aid apply. Even tuition exchange and tuition remission work!

Your costs for going to Rome are:

Tuition Same as main campus
Room and Board

Same as standard double room with meal plan

(2022-23 rate - $7,072)

Study Abroad Fee (Deposit)* $1250
Airfare (Optional Group Flight) $1000-$1500
Passport, if needed  approx. $135
Emergency Assistance Coverage (CISI) $150 (as of Spring 2022)
Bus/Metro Passes in Rome $126 ($42/month)
Personal Spending Varies (estimate $3500-$5000)

*Study Abroad Fee: All students who study in Rome are charged a $1250 fee, which includes the following to help support your study abroad semester:

• One full-weekend and one full-day Academic Excursion in exciting Italian cities like ancient Pompeii, the isle of Capri, the medieval gem of Orvieto or Parma, Italy's food capital. Excursions include transport, hotel accommodations, local guides and academic lecturers, and entrances to museums and local sites.
• On-site class entrances and included cultural activities: At Duquesne in Rome learning continues beyond the walls of campus! Class entrances will include places like the Vatican Museums, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, while class field trips include places like the WWII American Cemetery at Anzio and interactive activities with local Italian students.
• Overnight security service. 

Take a look at how past students on various budgets managed their semester spending with our spending snapshots! 

Don't let money hold you back!

Financial Aid, Work Study, and Scholarships:

All scholarship funds, Duquesne grants, tuition exchange, tuition remission and financial aid normally awarded for your semester at Duquesne will apply to your semester at the Italian Campus. Approved Work Study students are also able to apply for positions during their time in Rome. 

Scholarship opportunities are plentiful. The Italian Campus program awards generous and multiple Fall in Love scholarships valued at $1,000 and $2,500. Apply now!

Please see Financial Policies for more information.