Banner System

Banner is the name of the university-wide enterprise computing system.  It encompasses admission, registration, course and class information, student records, transcripts, as well as financial aid, student accounts, and serves as the University’s Human Resource, Alumni, and Finance systems.  With regard to course, class, and student information, please use the Banner Faculty Guide to familiarize yourself with Banner’s Student System.  Self-Service Banner (SSB) is the name of the web interface used to access Banner information.  Faculty must establish a Multipass Account to log on to DORI, the University’s portal, in order to access SSB.

Course and Class Section Information

The Office of the University Registrar maintains the master course catalog, which is stored in the Banner system and reflects all courses that may be offered by the University.  To establish a new course or to retire a course, a Master Catalog Course Form, available in your department, must be completed.  The course catalog is searchable in Banner.

In addition to the catalog, the Office of the University Registrar maintains the term-by-term Schedule of Classes, which is also searchable in Banner.  In preparation for each semester’s registration period, a “proof” of class sections that were offered in the prior fall, spring, or summer semester is distributed to each school as a starting point for building the upcoming schedule.  The scheduling process begins approximately 5 months prior to the beginning of each pre-registration period, the dates for which are listed on the Academic Calendar.  A total of two proofs are distributed prior to the publication of the Schedule of Classes, which occurs two weeks prior to each pre-registration period.  

Most classes are scheduled according to the University's Standard Meeting Patterns.  When teaching a face-to-face, traditional two-, three-, or four-credit course, faculty should follow the standard meeting patterns if using one of the University-Registrar-managed classrooms.  Optimizing the use of classroom space is dependent upon the use of these meeting patterns. The extra hour for four-credit classes should be scheduled before 10:00am or after 2:00pm to allow for maximum use of the space.

Faculty should validate their class enrollment (students in attendance) against the class roster during the first class meeting to ensure all students are properly registered for the class. Students must be officially registered for classes if in attendance. A Photo Roster system is available which provides photographs of students registered for classes.  Email the University Registrar to request access to the Photo Roster system.


All midterm and final grades are to be entered using Self-Service Banner (see Banner System above).  Midterm grades are only to be entered for undergraduate students who are considered to be at risk of failing.  An at-risk student is defined as one who has earned a grade of D, F, or N at the point of the midterm.  See our Final Exams/Grades link for more information about grading.  Email notifications are sent to the faculty each semester with details and deadlines for that grading period.  Dates and deadlines are also on the Academic Calendar.

Grade changes are made online by logging on to DORI and selecting the Submit Grade Changes link on the Faculty Self-Service menu. Instructions are available on the Faculty page in DORI and on the home page of the Grade Change system.

An instructor, at his or her discretion, may assign an incomplete ("I") grade at the conclusion of a term if a final grade cannot be determined due to incomplete work.  Once an incomplete grade has been assigned, a final grade must be reported by the deadlines as outlined in the Academic Calendar.

An instructor may, at his or her discretion, grant an extension to the I-to-F deadline provided an explanation of extenuating circumstances is supplied by the student.  In the event that an extension is granted, the instructor must notify the Office of the University Registrar in writing of the new deadline and must do so no later than the original I-to-F deadline for the course.

All incomplete grades that remain past the deadlines will be converted to final and permanent failing ("F") grades, and any failed courses that are required for graduation must be repeated by the student.  Students are required to repeat any failed course that is required for their program of study.