Tuition Payment Portal

The Tuition Payment Portal is our efficient, user-friendly student payment system where students, or their designated authorized payers, can pay bills, create payment plans, set up direct deposit, print bills and receipts, make room deposits and add authorized payers.

Duquesne University does not mail paper bills. All students and authorized payers will receive an e-mail notification when tuition bills are posted.

Paying your Tuition Bill

For Students

Students must log into DORI using their MultiPass and select Tuition Payment Portal then Access Tuition Payment Portal

Once logged in, students can:

  1. View their most current account activity
  2. Print and pay their tuition bill
  3. Add parents and guardians as authorized payers (this allows parents to receive eBill notices by email and make payments.)
  4. Enroll in direct deposit for student refunds
  5. Sign up for an installment payment plan
  6. Make a room deposit.

For Parents and Authorized Payers

Once your student has registered you as an authorized payer, you can access your student's account directly

  1. Log into the Tuition Payment Portal using the user name and password your student has provided
  2. View, print or pay the tuition bill, enroll in a semester-based payment plan, make a room deposit.

Designate an Authorized Payer

Students must follow these steps to add an Authorized Payer (parent, guardian, spouse or others):

  • Log into DORI
  • Click on Tuition Payment Portal then Access Tuition Payment Portal
  • Click on the "Send a Payer Invitation" button
  • Follow the prompts to add an Authorized Payer
  • The Authorized Payer will receive an email confirmation, including user login name and temporary password.

How & When to Pay the Tuition Bill

Tuition bills are issued prior to the start of the semester. Payment is due in full by the end of the first week of classes. The unpaid balance will be assessed a 1.5% late fee each month.

A financial hold will be placed on any delinquent student account, which delays registration, room assignments, official transcript release and the awarding of diplomas. Holds can be resolved by paying in full, or contacting Student Accounts.

Learn about payment plan options and methods of payment.

Making a Room Deposit

To make a room deposit, click on "Make Payment" and select the deposit type, then follow the prompts to complete the transaction.