Refresh Your Job Search Skills

Career Consulting is provided through individual meetings with Career Consultants to help you develop your best resume, cover letter, job search strategies, interviewing style, and to answer any career-related questions.

Workshops are scheduled on a regular basis to assist students and alumni with career-related topics. These group sessions may include resume writing, interviewing techniques and job search strategies. You can view an entire list of programs on Handshake.

Practice interviews are a "simulation" of what a real interview is like. We offer three  options:

  • Big Interview is an on-demand online interview platform. You can create an account with your for FREE.
  • Practice Interview Days, held throughout the semester, allow you to interview in a professional environment with skilled exmployer experts providing practice without the pressure of an actual interview.
  • Practice interviews may be conducted by your Career Consultant. Please contact the Center for Career Development for more information.

The Resource Library, located on Handshake, contains information on resume writing and cover letters along with other helpful guides such as sample resumes, and tip sheets. You can also view information on thousands of employers for use in your company research on Handshake. Periodicals and graduate school guides are available in the Center for Career Development office, 614 Union.

As always, if you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our office at 412.396.6644.