Professional Employment Portfolio
Your professional employment portfolio is an interview tool to help you present your skills and accomplishments to an employer when you are seeking an internship or job. You might think that this applies just to graphic artists or designers ... NOT SO! All job-seekers can benefit from creating and building a professional portfolio.


Why a portfolio?
  • Your portfolio is proof of your skills and accomplishments--it adds to confidence and credibility during an interview. Instead of just telling the employer what you bring to the position, you can “show and tell.”
  • It provides an “edge” over the competition—most applicants will not have one.
  • Employers tend to be impressed by the initiative and organizational skills a portfolio communicates.
  • You can start conversations that wouldn’t be likely without a portfolio in hand (e.g., the teamwork skills you developed while on a neighborhood cleanup organized by the DUV as shown in a on-site group photo).
  • Employers want to hire people for internships and jobs who can create results. Past performance is the best predictor of future success!
  • The portfolio helps you plan and track your career-related experiences and accomplishments. When you update your portfolio regularly you see your own progress and growth as a professional.
Start today to create your portfolio!