Often, the first step in the job search process is writing a résumé. It’s important to know how to write an effective résumé, and also to start one as soon as you can. Ideally, you can add items to your résumé as you go along your educational pathway. (These specific step-by-step instructions, as well as sample résumés, are also available to assist you.)

What is a résumé?
  • A portrayal of you, your skills, abilities, experience, and education
What should a résumé include?

Required Elements

  • Name and contact information, including email address
  • Education
  • Experience, whether paid, volunteer, part-time or full-time
  • Skills - computer, language, etc.
  • Activities that highlight your skills, such as leadership skills, positions of responsibility

Optional Elements

  • Objective, which is most commonly utilized during an internship search
  • Related Coursework
  • URL for your website (where applicable)
  • URL for your LinkedIn page
  • Honors and Awards

Typically, a résumé is one page long for recent or soon-to-be graduates however, there are exceptions for experienced job seekers. Speak to your Career Counselor for more details.