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Security Safety Checklist

Please use this checklist to help you decide about the security/safety of the off-campus housing you are considering. Visit the neighborhood during the day and at night.


• Are the buildings and grounds well maintained?
• Are the grounds manicured?
• Are common areas neat? Is trash lying around?
• Are the entryways, sidewalks, and parking areas well lit? Are they visible from the street?
• Are the residents' names (first and last) printed on the mailboxes?
• Are the mailboxes lockable and in good condition?


• Are the parking lots and surrounding streets free of abandoned cars?
• Is available parking close to your door?
• Is there room to park closer to your door at night and on weekends?


• What kind of security is at the entrance?
• Does your property door have a peephole?
• Can police or passersby see the entryway?
• It should be well lighted at night.
• Are the doors and windows easily visible and not obscured by trees and bushes?
• Are curtains, shades or blinds provided?
• Do the doors and windows have sturdy locks?
• The windows should also have key locks.
• The door should have hinges on the inside, not the outside.
• The door should have a deadbolt lock. Chain locks and knob locks are not sufficient.
• The door should fit tightly in the frame. No more than 1/8" clearance