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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How does my student find out if classes are cancelled due to weather?

In case of inclement weather, call the emergency weather hotline at 412.396.1700, check www.dudaily.duq.edu and listen to local media outlets.

Can I see students’ grades?

Grades are posted on the DORI portal, accessible to students using their MultiPass password. Students must sign a waiver form to allow University personnel to communicate with a parent or guardian regarding their academic performance.


What kind of computer does Duquesne recommend for students?

Computers should have at least 2G RAM and have an Intel Core Duo Processor.  PCs are recommended for business school students because of specific software applications. The Computer Store offers incoming and current students additional advice and discounts for hardware and software. 412.396.5645 or computers@duq.edu.

Contact CTS to learn about internet connections, on-campus email, wireless and other resources.

Disciplinary Violations

Will I be contacted if my student gets in trouble?

Because of privacy regulations, the Office of Residence Life does not routinely notify parents of policy violations. However, in the event of serious alcohol or other drug violation, parents will be contacted. We recognize that at times, students may make poor decisions. We work with students to help them recognize poor choices and make better choices in the future.

Getting Involved

What is there to do on campus on the weekend and evenings?

Students often say that there is “nothing else to do” on campus. This is not the case at Duquesne University. On campus, student activities, athletics, recreation, clubs and organizations offer lots of options. Additionally, the Pittsburgh region offers various outdoor and entertainment activities.

My student is interested in sports but does not play on a University team. What programs are offered?

The Power Recreation Center offers intramural league sports like Arena Football, Basketball, Flag Football, Indoor Soccer, Outdoor Soccer, Street Hockey and Volleyball. The center also coordinates Club Sports.

Health & Safety

What should students do if they get sick?

Students can call the Health Service at 412.396.1650 for an appointment with a nurse practitioner, physician assistant or the physician. After hours, students should contact the Living Learning Center’s Resident Director (RD) on duty, 412.396.5888, and the RD will notify the physician on call. If the student is off campus, they may call the physician themselves at 412.692.5325.

Do students need to have their insurance card when they visit the Health Service?

There is no charge for services provided by the Health Service staff.  However, laboratory services are charged to their health insurance and students should carry their health insurance card. Contact the Student Insurance Office at 412.396.6677 with questions.

How can a prescription be filled?

The Health Service is not licensed to dispense a full course of medication. CVS Pharmacy at 429 Smithfield Street (412.261.7414) is five blocks from Duquesne. There is also a 24-hour CVS in Oakland at 3440 Forbes Avenue.

Lincoln Pharmacy (412.821.2379) will provide delivery service. (A health insurance card will be required.) The Health Service faxes the prescription, insurance information, students phone number and known allergies to Lincoln Pharmacy. Deliveries are made Monday through Saturday to the appropriate Living/Learning Center lobby at 3 p.m. Students must provide identification, pay for the prescription in cash and pay a $1 delivery charge.

Aspirin and other over-the-counter supplies are available at the Campus Bookstore or the ShortStop C-Store in Towers.

Living on Campus

Does my student need insurance to protect his/her computer, stereo, and other personal possessions?

Students can purchase renter’s insurance to protect belongings in the residence halls. Please check with your insurance agent.

I’d like to send a “care package” to my student. Does Duquesne provide this service?

Some families have received mail promoting various Care Packages and “Finals Survival Kits” for Duquesne students. The University has no knowledge of this, does not provide mailing lists to this company and does not in any way endorse this solicitation

Can freshmen residing in the Living Learning Centers have a car on campus?

No. Due to limited space, first year residential students are not permitted to have a car on campus. They are eligible for membership in Zipcar or can use public transportation.

What if my student doesn’t get along with his or her roommate?

Part of the college experience is learning how to live with and respect others. It is inevitable that conflicts may arise among roommates. However, these conflicts can usually be resolved through direct communication and honesty.

As a parent/family member you should:

  • Encourage your son or daughter to communicate openly with his or her roommate and state living expectations early in the semester.
  • Listen to your student's concerns.
  • Ask your son or daughter if they have communicated their issues to the roommate.
  • Suggest that your student ask the Resident Assistant to mediate conflicts.
  • Give your son or daughter the opportunity to solve the conflict on their own.
  • Be positive about the situation and try to see both sides of the story.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Residence Life.

Why don’t the residence hall bathrooms have soap and paper towels?

All public restrooms on campus are equipped with soap and paper towels. This includes restrooms in the common areas of the Living Learning Centers.

The bathroom facilities on the individual floors are communal, private bathrooms rather than public. Each student is provided with a locker or storage area to keep toiletries including soap and towels. Hand sanitizer lotion is also available in all communal bathrooms.

Parking & Travel

Where can I park at Duquesne?

Visitor parking is available in the Forbes Garage. Parking permits are required for all other surface and garage parking spaces. Rules and regulations, are addressed by the Office of Parking and Traffic Management.

When should our student be able to travel home after final exams? We need to purchase airline tickets in advance.

Students will be able to find out their exam schedules at the beginning of the semester. Please check with your student to be sure that travel plans do not conflict with classes or exam schedules. Exams cannot be rescheduled to accommodate non-refundable airline tickets or any travel plans.

Spiritan Campus Ministry

Where can my student learn about worship sites, faith development, or other religious and spiritual matters?

Because Duquesne is a Catholic university in the Spiritan tradition, Catholic teaching, along with ecumenism and interfaith dialogue, are important aspects of our mission. Students of any faith tradition or spirituality are welcome to contact Spiritan Campus Ministry (412.396.6020) or or the Division of Mission and Identity (412.396.5286) to talk with a qualified campus minister or other professional.


What if my student does not qualify for work study?

Part-time positions are available with the Duquesne Bookstore, Aramark dining services, various offices or labs on-campus or within the Pittsburgh business community. Students can also look for jobs through Duquesne’s Career Services office.

My insurance company requires enrollment verification of my student. What do I need?

Students should contact the Registrar’s Office if they need enrollment verification or a transcript.

How can a student acquire a University Yearbook?

L'Esprit du Duc, the annual yearbook, is available in limited supplies to seniors after commencement. L'Esprit du Duc is made available, if copies remain, to other students through spring semester orders or sales in the fall semester. For more information, please contact the Yearbook Office at 412.396.6630.

How can I get a Duquesne license plate?

Pennsylvania and Maryland have approved a new official Duquesne University license plate, featuring the Duquesne ring, one of our University’s most distinctive and enduring symbols. Contact Alumni Relations for details.

How can I make a donation to the University?

Duquesne welcomes your donations as gifts provide academic resources, enhance services and activities, and enable growth. Please contact University Advancement.