Virtual URSS Information

Undergraduate Research Week

April 12 through April 16, 2021

Our virtual URSS page is now live!

This event is open to the public! No registration is required to view posters and videos.

In order to attend live sessions, the site will prompt you to register prior to gain access to zoom links.

Virtual poster sessions and videos will be available for browsing the entire week. Students, faculty, judges, and attendees will encouraged to interact via question and comment. Live presentations will take place on Tuesday and Thursday. 

URSS Schedule 2021

Student Abstracts & Index by School (2021)

Poster & Research Support

The Gumberg Library offers support for students including a URSS guide. Students can make an appointment in order to recieve one-on-one support.

Attending the Event

  • Symposium platform will go live April 12 @ 8:00 am.
  • Live Oral Presentation Schedule and Zoom links will be available under the "Live Sessions" tab on Symposium site.
  • Posters with accompanying videos will be available all week under the "Presentations" tab on the Symposium site.
  • Throughout the week, student participants, attendees, faculty, and judges will be encouraged to comment on posters and ask questions.
  • This event is open to the public!

Presentation Formats

Poster Sessions (Virtual)
  • Virtual Poster Session will take place on an online platform Symposium by Forager One.
  • Create a pdf. of your poster.
  • Create a 2-3 minute video or audio explanation to accompany the poster. Students will upload their videos to YouTube and then share the unlisted YouTube link with us (instructions will be sent out to participants).
  • Posters and accompanying videos will be uploaded by YOU no later than one week prior to the event. Upload instructions will be sent out to participants.
  • Peers, faculty, and staff will comment throughout the week asking questions and encouraging responses. 
Oral Presentations via Zoom
  • Live oral presentations (15 minutes max) will take place throughout the week via zoom. Schedule TBD.
  • If you are selected to give an oral presentation, you will be invited to submit a paper for publication in the URSS Proceedings published in the DU Scholarship Collection.
  • Oral presenters are chosen by a peer selection committee. Slots are limited due to time constraints. You will be informed sometime after the deadline whether or not you have been selected. 
  • **All oral presenters must also participate in the poster session**
Creative Video Competition
  • Produce a creative video about your research or project under 3 minutes in length. Check out previous submissions here!
  • The video competition differs in that videos can be edited with sound, graphics, and varying locations. 

Award Opportunities

Various departments and centers at Duquesne sponsor monetary awards for this event. Judges will view poster and video presentations throughout the week. Award winners will be posted on our website and notified via email no later than one week following the conclusion of the event. Winners will be invited to submit papers for digital publication on the DU Scholarship Collection. To view award opportunities, visit the URSS home page and click the "Award Opportunities" tab.