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Tutoring to help you do your best in difficult courses.

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  • Academic strategies to help you improve your study skills.

  • Efficient reading to help you manage that stack of books and articles on your desk.

  • Time management to help you deal with the challenges of college courses.

Confidential Counseling - To help you develop career goals, understand motivation, discuss relationship issues, etc.

Newsletter - See how your fellow students are achieving their goals.

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About Learning Skills

Founded in 1969 by the late Dr. George D. Harris, the Learning Skills Center now shares undergraduate tutoring responsibilities with several academic departments, including the sciences, math, and English.

"Michael P. Weber" was added to the Department's name in 2001 to honor the support of the late Academic Vice President.

Learn about our Community Involvement programs: tutoring for children and the Summer Institute college experience for high school students.

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