Jackie Shane

5th Year Ph.D Candidate
Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences
Biological Sciences

Lampe Lab, Mellon Hall
Phone: x5718


B.S. Biology, Slippery Rock University, 2011
Research Project
Research in the Lampe Lab focuses on developing a way to reduce/eliminate the spread of Malaria using paratransgenesis. Through this technique symbiotic bacteria of the mosquito are genetically engineered to combat the plasmodium parasite. Many factors influence the success of this theory including bacteria selection, effector molecules produced, delivery system of both the effector molecules and the bacteria to the environment, and overall fitness of the genetically manipulated species. My focus currently is to improve the fitness of the bacteria by screening for conditional promoters to use for the production of the effector molecules. This should reduce the metabolic cost of producing the effector molecules, allowing the engineered bacteria to compete with natural bacteria found in the host.

Shane JL, Bongio NJ, Favia G, Lampe DJ. 2014. Draft genome sequence of Asaia sp. strain SF2.1, an important member of the microbiome of Anopheles mosquitoes. Genome Announc. 2(1):e01202-13. doi:10.1128/genomeA.01202-13.