Welcome to the Department of Physics

The Department of Physics houses undergraduate programs leading to bachelor degrees in the physics major, and serves the needs for physics content in all science programs.

Additionally, the Department offers a selection of courses for non-science majors carefully designed to meet University Core science requirements, in a range of topics from the traditional to the fun-filled and even the exotic.

Our faculty are dedicated teacher-scholars who enjoy helping students experience the thrill of learning about nature first-hand. The Department pursues a vigorous research program in experimental condensed matter, experimental atomic physics and experimental nuclear physics, all areas open to undergraduate involvement.

2017 Winter Graduates!

Mark Allwes, BS physics
Jessica Campbell, BA physics/BS mechanical engineering
Isaac Davies, BS physics/computer science minor
Abra Spisso, BA physics/BS civil engineering
Jason Weideman, BA physics/BS mechanical engineering
Chris Zaccagnini, BA physics/BS mechanical engineering

Congratulations Madeline Galbraith - 2017-2018 Goldwater Scholar

Madeline GalbraithMadeline is a junior physics major pursuing a B.A. degree in computer science concurrently with her B.S. in physics. After obtaining a Ph.D. in physics, Madeline's career goal is to conduct research in computational biophysics at a research institute, focusing on water's interactions at an atomic and a molecular level to elucidate protein structure and function.

Madeline is the second Goldwater Scholar in the Department of Physics and the seventh Duquesne student ever to win this prestigious national award! Read here.