Darwin Day 2014: Time Travel in Experimental Evolution

Wednesday, February 26, 7:00 P.M.
Power Center Ballroom, Duquesne University

Dr. Richard E. Lenski
Hannah Distinguished Professor
Michigan State University

Richard Lenski

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Evolution is an ongoing process. Therefore, it can be studied experimentally in organisms with suitably rapid
generations. When coupled with the ability to freeze and revive organisms, one can also travel back in time.

Join evolutionary biologist Dr. Richard E. Lenski, as he discusses how his laboratory has propagated 12
populations of Escherichia coli in a simple environment for 25 years and over 50,000 generations.

Two goals of his long-term experiment have been to examine the repeatability of evolution and to characterize the dynamics of evolution. He has quantified the extent of adaptation by natural selection, identified many examples of parallel evolution, and observed the origin of a novel function that transcends the usual definition of E. coli as a species.

Dr. Lenski has used new technologies to sequence whole genomes to find all of the mutations present in
temporal series of clones from these populations. These genomic data provide new insights into the coupling of phenotypic and genetic evolution, and into the role of complex mutations in the emergence of key innovations.

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About Darwin Day 2014

Darwin Day is an annual international celebration of the life and work of Charles Darwin. It is also a time to emphasize the importance of science education in today's modern world, and the impact evolutionary biology has on many aspects of our lives.

Evolutionary theory is the single unifying concept in modern biology. Unfortunately, there are groups working against the teaching of evolutionary biology in our schools, even as the United States continues to lag behind most other developed countries in math and science education.

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