Andrew Abraham

Andrew Abraham

I graduated with a B.S. degree in Health Management Systems in 2014, and this degree has been an integral part of the success I have had in my career at a young age. Before I enrolled at Duquesne University, like many other prospective students who are trying to find out what career path they want to take, I wasn't sure what types of careers I could get with a Health Management Systems degree. I quickly found out that a Health Management Systems degree would open an incredible amount of doors for me.

The HMS program at Duquesne exposed me to many different areas in both the business and science fields and it certainly helped that all of my professors had lived their source material and taught useful information that I could use every day in the workplace. It was the practical teaching methods of my professors that kept me engaged instead of feeling like I was being tested on things that I would never use.

Employers certainly took note when I showed up to interviews and already knew a wide variety of information about various topics because I had been exposed to them by the Health Management Systems program. The beauty of Health Management Systems lies within all of the different types of places you can apply when you have this degree. You can work in almost any type of setting imaginable, because employers are very impressed that a degree such as this exists and they need a wide variety of skill sets.

I am currently working as a Research Grants Administrator at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. I am in charge of the Neurology and Nephrology departments at the hospital, and I work closely with doctors to put together budgets and prepare research grant applications so they can receive funding in order to conduct studies. In order to have a job like this, it was paramount that I was knowledgeable about both business and science. In the Health Management Systems program at Duquesne, I had many classes such as Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Clinical Processes where I gained the skills that are necessary to effectively communicate with my doctors at Children's Hospital.

I count myself as extremely lucky to have been a part of Duquesne University's Health Management Systems program. I am proud of the invaluable connections and internship experience that I received from this experience, and I attribute much of my career success to it. This is a program that will teach you practical and worthwhile information along with strategic methods of thinking. HMS gave me vast knowledge that was essential in landing me an internship, and I then parlayed that internship into a career.