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Why Health Management Systems?

This is an exciting time for healthcare management. Healthcare is changing more rapidly than almost any other field. The field is changing in terms of how and where care is delivered, who is providing those services, and how that care is financed. Healthcare management requires talented people to manage the changes taking place.

Health Management Systems is one of the hottest fields for jobs in the next decade and beyond. The degree is a terrific career option for those who want to have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the healthcare industry. These professionals work to ensure that their organizations have strong medical, operational, and financial footing to serve the needs of patients, their families, and their communities. It is a career path with many opportunities and applications and is in great demand across the country. Consider:

  • Computer management of medical records is one of the hottest fields for employment in the 21st century. There will be two jobs for every qualified person in this field.
  • The Affordable Care Act has increased the accountability of healthcare providers by required reporting of outcome based measures linking reimbursement to performance. This has increased the need for people educated in the areas of data collection and analysis. (
  • The HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act) stipulated that, beginning in 2011, healthcare providers would be offered financial incentives for demonstrating "meaningful use" of EHR (electronic Health Records) until 2015, after which time penalties may be levied for failing to demonstrate such use.

To be successful in this career path, one must possess an integrated skillset of healthcare delivery, business management, and information systems. Duquesne's Masters in Health Management Systems is uniquely positioned to provide state-of-the-art training and education in each area.

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The Duquesne Difference

Students in the HMS program differentiate themselves from students from similar programs through: Gaining an integrated skillset, hands-on learning opportunities, and access to the region's many health systems and companies in the healthcare industry.

An Integrated Skillset

Our graduates are prepared to understand trends and articulate solutions in the evolving healthcare market. They possess a unique blend of skills in health sciences, business management, and information systems.

  • Health sciences knowledge enables effective communication with other medical professionals and in understanding the patient perspective.
  • Business management strategies are needed to manage not only a variety of healthcare settings such as hospitals, physician practices and long term care facilities, but also to manage data and information.
  • Information systems are utilized to collect, manage, and transmit data to aid in the delivery of cost effective healthcare services.

The combination of health sciences, business management, and information systems allows our graduates to meet the future healthcare challenges. Students may also pursue a dual MBA/Health Management Systems degree to develop further expertise.

Hands-On Learning Opportunities

Health Management Systems is a department that is project oriented. You will learn and do "real world" cases; you will be challenged by factual issues; you will learn beyond the book; you will use what you learn.

Additionally, students have the opportunity to pursue hands-on projects and internships with a wide variety of area organizations. These experiences often lead to career advancement for those currently in the industry or to new employment opportunities for students not in a related job.

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Your Return on Investment!

The career outcomes for students in the Health Management Systems program are outstanding! Students are successful in a wide variety of roles within the industry, both locally and throughout the United States.
Among our graduates, employment titles include:

  • Project Manager
  • Systems Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Insurance Specialist
  • Medical Records Supervisor
  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Network Analyst
  • Program Analyst
  • Quality Manager

Students are successfully employed in organizations such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Physician Practices
  • Software Vendors
  • Consulting Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • and Managed Care Organizations

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