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Applying to Duquesne University’s Master’s Counselor Education Programs

The Counselor Education Program offers the Master of Science (M.S.Ed.) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (60 credits), Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling (60 credits), School Counseling (60 credits), and School Counseling for Certified Teachers (36 credits). Incoming students are eligible for a 25% scholarship towards tuition for each semester in which they are enrolled in 6 or more credits. The classes are offered during weeknights.

Grade Point Average & Standardized Test Requirements

Upon reception of an applicant's transcripts Duquesne's School of Education calculates the applicant's Quality Point Average (QPA) for their last 48 credits. Applicants with a QPA below 3.0 on a 4-point scale for their last 48 credits (e.g., bachelor's or master's) are informed by the School of Education that they must submit official scores for either the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). For the GRE, students can take the general exam; no subject tests are required. Students can take the MAT or GRE at any location. To obtain a description of the MAT along with test-taking strategies and a free study guide please visit Pearson Education's website. Students can register for the GRE on the ETS website. There is no minimum required score on the MAT or GRE for the Master's Counselor Education programs, as the Program considers a variety of factors (e.g., QPA, personal statement, recommendations, interview) in their admissions decisions.

There is no minimum QPA for applying to the Master's programs in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (60 credits), Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling (60 credits), and School Counseling for Certified Teachers (36 credits). In accordance with the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), applicants to the Master's program in School Counseling (60 credits) must have a QPA of at least 2.8 in their last 48 credits (bachelor's or master's).

Application Steps

1. Complete the University Application (in the university application select "Apply for Graduate Education" in order to receive a listing of the graduate programs). International applicants must visit the Office of International Programs for their application and procedures.

2. Complete the Counselor Education Master's Degree Application  (includes submission of a resume, listing colleges attended, and a 1400 character [including spaces] personal statement regarding, "Upon completion of a Master's degree in Counseling, what are your career goals?")

3. Evaluations: Applicants are required to have two (2) evaluations submitted by references. Applicants can have a former or current professor submit a Professor Evaluation, and a former or current supervisor/employer submit a Supervisor/Employer Evaluation, or applicants can have two (2) professors submit a Professor Evaluation, or two (2) supervisors/employer submit a Supervisor/Employer Evaluation. Applicants have references submit the respective evaluation by emailing the link to their reference person.

4. Mail official transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate study to:

Mrs. Kelly McGinley
Graduate Office
Duquesne University
School of Education
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282

The School of Education at Duquesne University will accept an electronic transcript as long as it is from the university's registrar. Electronic transcripts are emailed to Mrs. McGinley at: mcginleyk@duq.edu.

Application Deadline for Fall Admissions Cycle

The application deadline to be considered for the Fall 2019 semester is January 10, 2019. Applications can be submitted as early as September 2018.

Status of Application
To check the status of an application, please contact the Counselor Education Program Assistant, Mrs. Beverly Sughrue at sughrueb@duq.edu | 412.396.1194.

Applicants will be invited to interview on campus, or applicants may contact Mrs. Beverly Sughrue at sughrueb@duq.edu | 412.396.1194 to request a phone/Skype interview if they do not reside within the region.
International Applicants - Additional Application Steps

5. Duquesne University requires submission of TOEFL or IELTS scores for all non-native English speaking applicants or applicants who have not a received a bachelor's or master's degree in the United States. Additionally, the English as a Second Language Program conducts a review of each matriculated student upon arrival to determine individual needs for English instruction to support success in his/her chosen degree program.
The University requires the following minimum scores in each area to be considered for admission.
TOEFL: a minimum of 80 on the Internet-based Test (iBT) with no sub-score less than 17, or 550 on the paper-based test
IELTS: a minimum of 6.5 with no sub-score less than those listed for each area
Minimum required subscores:

Reading 17 6.5
Writing 17 5.5
Speaking 17 5.5
Listening 17 6.0

6. Scores for the TOEFL and the IELTS are to be submitted to:

Mrs. Beverly Sughrue, Assistant
Counselor Education Program
Duquesne University
School of Education
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282

Counselor Licensure and School Counseling Certification have options for Licensure/Certification Only. The Licensure/Certification Only track is for students who do not need to complete the full Master's degree to be recommended for certification, and is based on the recommendation of the Program Director. If you do plan on applying for the Licensure/Certification Only track, please select the Counselor Licensure or School Counseling Certification (whichever one you are applying for) "Non-Degree" option on the Admissions Application. Please note that if you enroll in six credits or more per semester, you will still be eligible for the 25% scholarship, but will not be eligible for any federal loans because this is a non-degree track.