MA Dual Degree in Pastoral Ministry and Communication

The dual degree in Pastoral Ministry and Communication is designed for students who hope to integrate interests in theology and ministry with the skills of communication in a variety of professional and church-related settings.

Graduates of the program are equipped to pursue employment, for example, in communication and public-relations positions for church diocesan offices and social service/pastoral care agencies, or for companies with a mission related to religion such as health care facilities, nonprofits and media organizations. Graduates have also successfully pursued doctoral studies in religious education and communication-rhetorical studies.

To be considered for the dual MA, students must apply concurrently to each sponsoring department. 
Separate guidelines are available through Pastoral Ministry, 412.396.6528 and through the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies, 412.396.6446.

Financial Assistance for MA in Pastoral Ministry and Communication

Financial aid for the dual degree is applied for according to the requirements of the Theology and Communication and Rhetorical Studies Departments, with THEO coursework included in Theology assistance requests and COMM coursework included in Communication assistance requests.

Professional Development

The Department of Theology recommends that graduate students engage in professional development opportunities during their studies, especially in the summers. Such opportunities might include paid positions, internships or volunteer work in which students apply the skills they are learning in their academic programs.

Additional Information

For additional information on the MA dual degree, please contact:

Dr. Radu Bordeianu, Director of Graduate Studies
Fisher Hall 612