AAFS 2017 Annual Conference

2017 Annual Conference

Students from the Forensic Science and Law program attended the 69th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) in New Orleans, LA. Also attending were faculty members Dr. Frederick Fochtman and Ms. Lyndsie Ferrara. More than 800 scientific papers, breakfast seminars, workshops, and other special events were presented at the February 2017 event.

The AAFS consists of 11 sections representing a wide range of forensic specialties, and the annual scientific meeting gathers these professionals who present the most current information, research, and updates in this expanding field.

AAFS 2017 group


Students and faculty from the Forensic Science and Law program made the following presentations at the conference:

Creating an Ethical Reasoning Curriculum for Forensic Science Majors. Lyndsie N. Ferrara

Separating Complex DNA Mixtures Containing Related Individuals Using TrueAllele Mixture Interpretation Software. Olivia Goodwin, Dr. Lisa R. Ludvico, and Lyndsie N. Ferrara

A Comparison of Differex and Organic Differential DNA Extractions for the Acquisition of a Male Profile From Samples that Exhibit Mold Growth. Beatriz Pujols, Dr. Lisa R. Ludvico, and Lyndsie N. Ferrara

Analysis of Blood Spatter Formation on Stain-Resistant Fabrics. Lauren Taddeo and Lyndsie N. Ferrara