Music Scholarships

Our Spiritan founders insisted that the transformative benefits of a Duquesne education be available to all worthy students, regardless of ability to pay. Endowed scholarships provide perpetual funding that keeps this promise alive—now and forever.

Click on the School and program listings below to view Duquesne University's current endowed scholarship funds.

Scholarships Available Within Each School or Program:

Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences
Mary Pappert School of Music
McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts
Palumbo - Donahue School of Business
Rangos School of Health Sciences
School of Education
School of Law
School of Nursing
School of Pharmacy
Seminarian Program
Spiritan Division
Center for Adult Learners
General University Scholarships

Mary Pappert School of Music

Barry, Marie W. and Richard H. Music Endowed Scholarship

Froelich, Dorothy M.  Endowed Scholarship

Harth Violin Endowed Scholarship Fund

Hungarian Heritage Endowed Scholarship

Hunter, James Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Janus, Dr. Henry Endowed Instrumental Music Scholarship

Jordanoff, Christine Endowed Scholarship

LaVelle, Ronald Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Lewis Scholarship

Lombardi, Josephine Endowed Scholarship

Loyal Christian Benefit Association Endowed Scholarship

Michalski , Anthony S. Family Endowed Scholarship

Minardi, Robert Memorial Scholarship

Mulach, Joseph F. Jr. Endowed Scholarship

Negri, Joe Jazz Guitar Endowed Scholarship

Pogue-Bearinger Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Reinhold, Paul B. Endowed Scholarship

Rocereto, Louis V. Scholarship

Shiner, Sylvia K. Scholarship Fund

Shiner, Matty and Eddie Endowed Scholarship

Triano, Anthony F. Endowed Woodwind Scholarship

Tucci, Josephine Endowed Scholarship for the Schools of Pharmacy and Music

Valspar City Music Center Endowed Fund

Voyvodich, Henrietta Cello Endowed Scholarship