Lada Progunova

Photo of Lada ProgunovaLada Progunova was a student of the Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy from 2004 through 2006, with a concentration in Policy Analysis and Administration.  Lada’s thesis was published in late 2007, under the title Transparency, Accountability, and Public Participation. The book is currently available through major book distributors, including

Regarding her time in the Policy Center Lada commented, “The majority of Policy Center faculty, students and alumni are experienced in peace and development missions around the world. It helps to create the atmosphere of being involved in ‘hot spots’ worldwide and to study real cases.” She was impressed with the “devotion to doing good” by all of the people affiliated with the Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy.

Photo of Lada Progunova's published thesisFollowing graduation from Duquesne, Lada took the position of director of the Russian Far East network branch of the Eurasia Foundation. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the Eurasia Foundation runs large-scale social development projects for an entire region.  Lada felt ready to accept the position because, “The Policy Center gives its students a unique opportunity to try themselves as policy makers in a variety of fields.”

Lada Progunova making a presentation at the First Pacific Economic Congress