Beginning in Fall 2007, incoming first year students are governed by the new University CORE Curriculum. The courses offered are:

Discipline Specific Courses - 21 credit hours

English Composition (6 credits)

Mathematics (3 credits)

Natural Science (3 credits)

Philosophy (3 credits)

Theology (3 credits)

Ethics (3 credits)

Theme Area Courses - 12 credit hours

(College departments and any school that has baccalaureate programs may propose courses for the Theme Area component of the University CORE. NOTE: Of the four theme courses, a minimum of two must be taken in the McAnulty College-one offered by the History Department OR the Art History Program and one offered by the Social Science departments--Economics, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology. The remaining two courses may be taken in the College or in the other Duquesne University schools.)

Creative Arts (one course - 3 credits)

Faith and Reason (one course - 3 credits)

Global Diversity (one course - 3 credits)

Social Justice (one course - 3 credits)

Additional University CORE Requirements

  • Service-Learning Course (SL) 0 credits – Community-based service embedded in a course.
  • Information Literacy Course 1 credit – if not embedded in a course.
  • Writing-Intensive Course (W) 0 credits – Emphasis on writing embedded in four courses.


List of Approved Courses (Fall, 2013)