B.S. /M.S. in Environmental Science and Management

BS/MS StudentUndergraduate students in the Bayer School can spend just one extra year in school and earn both a B.S. and a Master of Science in Environmental Science and Management (ESM). This provides added skills that translate into easier career leverage and quicker advancement.

Our unique five-year program is flexible: we allow you to choose which B.S. you want to earn (the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, Chemistry or Environmental Science) and then by taking some additional classes, you can also earn the Master of Science in Environmental Science and Management!

The joint B.S./M.S. program follows the same curriculum as the other undergraduate majors in the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences. During your junior year, you would begin integrating ESM graduate coursework into your studies.

You will still earn your B.S. after your fourth year if all university and Bayer School core curriculum requirements have been met. To continue on to the graduate program, you'll need a GPA of 3.0 or greater. Then, after completing all the ESM requirements during the fifth year, you will earn the Master of Science.

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