Approximate Costs

Summer 2019

The following costs are estimated based on a student's enrollment in the ESL Program's Intensive English Program (IEP) which offers instruction for 20 hours per week during each semester.



Tuition for full-time study

$ 5,590

One-time Testing Fee - General Proficiency*



$ 3,384

Personal Expenses

$ 1,100

Health Insurance 

$ 1,100


$ 13,687


Other Cost Factors

• Tuition charges per semester are estimated based on a fee of $1,118.00 per four-hour course.  Costs for some courses vary.

• For details of testing fees other than general proficiency, see English Proficiency Requirements.

• Housing cost is based on a double room and full meal plan.

• Estimated for one person (with no accompany dependents); cost of textbooks may be up to $400.00 per semester.

• Health insurance is required.  Students may buy their own insurance or buy it through Duquesne University.

Costs are subject to change.  Please contact the program for most recent costs.