TAP No. 4: Recruitment and Employment


This policy applies to all University faculty and staff.


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance on the recruitment steps to those involved in the recruitment and employment process at Duquesne University.

I. Overview

Duquesne University believes that hiring outstanding individuals to fill faculty and staff positions is critical to the overall strategic success of the University. The University strives to attract, recruit and retain a dynamic, diverse workforce that will contribute to our culture of academic excellence and our mission of serving God by serving students.

The Office of Human Resources provides assistance to hiring departments for the recruitment of employees for the following position classifications:

  • Full-time faculty
  • Full-time and part-time administrative/professional employees
  • Full-time and part-time support staff
  • Executive level positions

II. Approvals

No hiring manager shall create a position and/or make an offer of employment without prior Vice Presidential or Presidential approval.

III. Position Classification

New and revised full-time, non-faculty positions must be reviewed prior to posting. This ensures that the position is properly classified and assigned to the appropriate salary grade before recruitment begins. Additionally, the hiring range can be determined based on the requirements of the position. The hiring department should contact the Office of Human Resources at hrservices@duq.edu prior to initiating a personnel requisition in order to have the position created or reviewed. Note: Lead time is required.

IV. e-Requisition Process

An electronic personnel requisition shall be completed and submitted by the hiring department via Workflow. Access to and training on the e-Requisition module via Workflow is available by contacting the Office of Human Resources at hrservices@duq.edu

  1. A. The e-Requisition authorizes and initiates an employment search. Generally, the e-Requisition is completed by the hiring or area business manager and then is electronically forwarded to the following individuals for review and approval (This sequence will vary based on the levels of supervision in the work area):
    • Dean, Director, or Senior Department Head
    • Vice President or President
    • Office of Planning and Budget
    • Office of Human Resources
  2. Upon receipt of the e-Requisition by the Office of Human Resources, an automated message indicating receipt and approval will be sent via Workflow to the individual who originated the e-Requisition as well as to the individual assigned as the hiring manager. As appropriate, the Office of Human Resources will assign the e-Requisition to an employment recruiter who will contact the hiring manager to discuss recruitment needs.
  3. Additional documents/clarification may be requested by the Office of Human Resources, including, but not limited to, the following:
    1. An updated position description;
    2. For full-time Faculty and Administrative/Professional positions, a Search and Selection Plan Form is required and shall accompany the personnel requisition in Workflow. The Search and Selection Plan describes the ways in which applicants will be recruited for the position, as well as any special efforts to attract applicants that reflect inclusiveness and cultural diversity.

Once department hiring needs are clarified, recruitment may begin as described below.

If the hiring department has not determined that the position is to be filled by an internal department promotion/transfer, the position will be posted and advertised accordingly. There is no minimum or maximum number of days that a position must be posted. Please refer to TAP No. 6, Selection, Assignment, Transfer, and Promotion, Non-Faculty Employees.

Only under limited circumstances will a position not be posted, and this requires approval of the Vice President or President.

V. Recruitment for open positions shall consist of the following

  1. Posting to the University's employment website;
  2. Posting to websites of entities with which the University has existing recruitment memberships/subscriptions;
  3. In addition, all employment postings are forwarded by the Office of Human Resources to various applicant referral and diversity recruiting sources, as appropriate, to ensure compliance with the University's commitment to equal employment opportunity for all qualified persons.

If, in the opinion of the Office of Human Resources and the hiring department, the open position should be further advertised for a wider selection of applicants, the hiring department shall work with the Office of Human Resources to place the appropriate advertisement(s). The hiring department is responsible for all costs related to employment advertising in avenues other than those listed above.

VI. Application Process

  1. All application materials must be submitted via the process described below to ensure they are tracked and processed appropriately.
  2. Applicants for non-faculty positions shall submit application materials via Cornerstone. Faculty applicants shall submit application materials via Interfolio.
  3. Application materials will be available to the hiring manager or search committee for review. While the hiring manager has primary responsibility for pre-screening and ultimately selecting the final applicant, the Office of Human Resources may assist with the process by:
    1. Reviewing resumes/applications and providing feedback;
    2. Scheduling and administering computerized testing;
    3. Developing interview questions and evaluation assessments;
    4. Phone screening/interviewing applicants;

VII. Selection Process

  1. The hiring manager or search committee will review application materials.
  2. A list of applicants for further consideration will be identified based on the minimum and preferred qualifications outlined in the search announcement/posting.
  3. A group of applicants will be interviewed to determine how their overall qualifications align with the qualifications sought for the position and the Mission of the University.
    1. Initial interviews may be conducted by phone, other electronic venue, or in person.
    2. In-person campus interviews will be conducted for final applicants (with exceptions for remote applicants depending on the position).
  4. Depending on the nature of the position, assessment tests (i.e. Microsoft Office for clerical support positions) may be administered.

VIII. Professional Reference Checks

  1. Professional reference and employment checks must be completed prior to an offer of employment being extended. The Office of Human Resources may assist hiring managers with this process by providing template questions. Reference checks should include the current supervisor when feasible, and must include at least one current or former supervisor if at all possible.
  2. Current and former Duquesne University employees should also have references checked by the hiring manager. At a minimum, a hiring manager considering a current or former employee as a final candidate must consult with the employee's current supervisor or last known University supervisor and with the Office of Human Resources.

IX. Job Offers

  1. Employment decisions and contingent job offers are made by the hiring department.
  2. For Faculty appointments, the appropriate Dean's office shall generate the contract to be reviewed by the Provost and approved by the President. Faculty members with 9-month appointments are paid over 12 months in 26 equal biweekly installments.
  3. For Full-time Administrative/Professional and Support positions, the hiring department shall prepare a Letter of Appointment. See TAP No. 34 for approved templates. Administrative/Professional positions with 9 or 10-month appointments are paid over 12 months in 26 equal biweekly installments. Support positions with 9 or 10-month appointments are paid during active employment period in biweekly installments.

X. Pre-employment Criminal Background Checks

  1. Faculty, administrative/professional and support staff new hires must undergo a pre-employment criminal background check after an offer of employment is made and before commencement of employment.
  2. All offers of employment shall be contingent upon a satisfactory background check. Please see below Pre-employment Background Check Procedure.

XI. Related Information

  1. Pre-employment Background Check Procedure
  2. TAP No. 6
  3. TAP No. 34
  4. Position Description Form
  5. PA Act 153

XII. Violations

Violations of this policy will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are subject to formal disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

XIII. History

Date of most recent revision April 2019.

XIV. Ownership of Policy

Office of Human Resources