Supporting Research and Innovation

The Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) supports and encourages faculty and students to engage in research and innovation. As a one-stop source of information, the ORI works toward the creation of new knowledge and its application through technology transfer.

The ORI encourages Duquesne researchers and innovators by:

  • Providing technical support and networking opportunities

  • Fostering interdisciplinary and community partnerships
  • Supporting creativity and innovative thinking in all academic fields

All your research and innovation resources in one place

Supporting scientific endeavors, academic creativity, licensing opportunities, and commercialization for economic development and job creation


Supporting Research

Well established and well recognized, Duquesne research is supported by the federal and state governments, foundations, and corporate partners


Innovation and Creation in Action

Whatever your creativity or research ambitions, we have the breadth and depth to make the most of them. We want you to become the kind of problem-solver who always thinks bigger—and whose ingenuity is driven by compassion and empathy. We feel fortunate to be entrusted with your goals and we want to encourage and nurture Duquesne faculty, staff and students' innovative thinking and entrepreneurship spirit. We are dedicated to help anyone seeking to make a difference in society by pursuing their innovations and creations.

IP and tech transfer resources