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No matter your major, our Bridges courses make up approximately one third (more than one year!) of your college curriculum. That’s a big chunk of your undergraduate college experience! At Duquesne University, we want your Bridges experience to prepare you for anything – and to be time well spent.

Pittsburgh is home to more than 400 bridges, and amid them all, atop the storied Bluff, stands Duquesne University. Our location allows you to to study where possibilities extend in every direction. In fact, our very founding was intended to help people from diverse backgrounds make a difference as leaders and helpers in their communities, and we live that mission today.

Grounded in Duquesne's Catholic and Spiritan heritage, and leveraging our historic expertise in the liberal arts and sciences, as well as Duquesne's other academic strengths, our Bridges Common Learning Experience will prepare you to be informed, equipped, inspired and engaged. 

Through our Bridges Curriculum, you will build knowledge and skills to become a life-long, agile learner who succeeds professionally, acts ethically and contributes to the common good.

Information for Prospective Students

Bridges Learning Outcomes

Duquesne graduates are agile learners and integrative thinkers. They develop abilities to learn across contexts and integrate information from diverse fields, disciplines and perspectives. They evaluate information, think critically, integrate and transfer knowledge, persevere and adapt, and demonstrate curiosity.
Duquesne graduates are skilled professionals and versatile leaders. They engage deeply with peers and community members to develop unique solutions to problems and concerns. They communicate effectively and collaborate with others. They recognize, define and creatively solve problems, using appropriate methods of research, technological tools and the soft skills that are essential to professional and civic efficacy.
Duquesne graduates cultivate lives of purpose and creativity. Duquesne students contribute to the human search for truth and make original contributions to their professions and communities. They grapple with essential questions and grow in wisdom. They stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones. They generate ideas and motivate others by their example. Formed within Duquesne's Catholic and Spiritan environment, Duquesne students, like our founders, extend our mission across the globe.
Duquesne graduates are agents for the common good. Duquesne students harness their knowledge of local and global communities in order to foster conditions that create respect for human dignity and social justice. They are culturally competent citizens who appreciate and foster diversity. They understand local and global systems. They exercise ethical judgment and navigate moral diversity with confidence. As professionals and as citizens they build equitable and inclusive communities.

Student Testimonials About Bridges

Samiya Henry headshot

"My favorite class at Duquesne so far was the Honors EQ course 'Why Do Feelings Matter?' Dr. St. Hilaire is an excellent professor who structures the class to help students learn to identify what emotions look like in the world and within themselves."

Samiya Henry '26 Physics major (3+ 2 Binary Engineering Degree Program) and Catholic Studies minor
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Braden Niles headshot

“The Honors EQ Course ‘What Good is Democracy?’ was so interesting because we explored how democracy has evolved over time. Being able to read texts critically and form your own opinions is such an important skill, and I am so lucky to have done this during my first semester at Duquesne."

Braden Niles '25 Political Science, Sociology, and Catholic Studies triple major
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Payton Miller headshot with city in background

“I really enjoyed the ‘What is Gender?’ Bridges EQ course. It was cool learning about different philosophers and their ideas on gender. The course expanded my knowledge on gender and feminism in ways I never would have thought!”

Payton Miller '25 Education major
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