TAP No. 10: Termination of Employment – Notice Guidelines, Non-Faculty Employees


This policy applies to all full-time and part-time non-faculty employees.


The purpose of this policy is to summarize the notice guidelines that apply when employees resign or are dismissed from University employment.

I. Voluntary Resignation

Employees who voluntarily terminate their employment from the University are requested to give as much notice as possible to enable the University to begin the search for a replacement. A minimum notice of two weeks is requested for administrative/professional and support employees. Academic deans are requested to give notice in advance of the semester in which the resignation will be effective. Notice of resignation should be provided in writing to the immediate supervisor and copied to the Office of Human Resources.

II. Involuntary Separation

Employees who are dismissed from the University will be given reasonable notice if circumstances warrant. Supervisors are responsible for seeing that all University property, keys, ID cards, etc., are returned to the University in a timely fashion. The employee is responsible for settling all obligations, such as parking violation fees, library books or fees, loans, etc., before departing the University.

III. Last Day Worked/Benefits

The last day worked will be considered the last day of employment for benefit entitlement and for record keeping purposes. Remaining vacation days due will be paid out but will not extend employment.

IV. Rehire Status

Individuals who leave the University voluntarily and in good standing are usually eligible for rehire. The Office of Human Resources will verify rehire status.

V. Related Information

Separation of Employment Checklist

VI. Violations

Violations of this policy will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are subject to formal disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

VII. History

Date of most recent revision: April 2008.

VIII. Ownership of Policy

Office of Human Resources