TAP No. 17: Vacation for Full-time, Clerical/Hourly Paid and Administrative/
Professional Employees


This policy applies to regular full-time non-faculty employees.


The purpose of this policy is to summarize the different types of vacation available to eligible employees as well as set forth the expectations that apply to scheduling and use of vacation time.

I. Regular Vacation

Regular vacation time is administered on an employment anniversary year basis.

II. Regular Vacation Allotment - 12 Month Full-time Support Employees

Upon hire: 10 working days
1 through 5 years: 15 working days
6 through 21 years: 20 working days
22 years and over: 25 working days

III. Regular Vacation Allotment - 12 Month Full-time Administrative/Professional Employees

Upon hire: 10 working days
After one year of service: 22 working days

IV. Regular Vacation Allotment - 9- and 10-Month Full-time Non-Faculty Employees

Upon Hire: 5 working days
After one year of service: 5 working days

V. Request and Approval

  1. Vacation time may be scheduled at any time during the year with the approval of the department head.
  2. Lead time and advance notice may be required.
  3. Employee is responsible for requesting and accurately reporting time taken in accordance with departmental and University procedures.
  4. Employees with greater seniority are given preference, within a department and job classification, for vacation time when this is not inconsistent with departmental objectives.

VI. Guidelines for Use

  1. Regular vacation offered during the first year of employment will not carryover after the first year anniversary milestone is reached, nor will it be paid out upon separation.
  2. Regular vacation time must be taken before the anniversary year ends. Regular vacation time not taken within the employee's employment anniversary year will be forfeited.
  3. When regular vacation time is not taken during the anniversary year due to circumstances beyond the control of the employee, it may be carried over only with the written approval of the divisional vice president. To insure accurate tracking of the vacation carryover, the Office of Human Resources must also receive a copy of the Vice Presidential approval. This vacation time will not be subject to payment should the employee subsequently terminate.

VII. Misc.

  1. Regular vacation pay is based on the regular salary.
  2. Division Vice Presidents, Deans, and Senior Department Heads are responsible for effectively managing and accurately tracking vacation eligibility and time taken for the staff in their area(s) of responsibility.
  3. Employees using approved paid or unpaid continuous sick leave in excess of 12 weeks will have a prorated vacation entitlement in the following year that will be based on the actual time worked in proportion to the total time available to work. Vacation time provided will not be awarded until the employee returns to work AND when employee reaches the full-time anniversary date.
  4. Payment for unused vacation may be available only to terminating employees with one or more years of service. This will not include approved carryover vacation not yet taken. There is no option to provide payment in lieu of forfeited or unused vacation for any other reason.

VIII. Related Information

Vacation Guidance Addendum

IX. Violations

Violations of this policy will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are subject to formal disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

X. History

Date of most recent revision: July 2024.

XI. Ownership of Policy

Office of Human Resources.