TAP No. 40: Official University Fundraising and Advancement Activity



This Policy applies to all persons involved in designing, developing, coordinating and executing efforts to raise charitable funds, engage alumni, and/or create and sponsor events connected to such fundraising and advancement activity as defined below, including students, faculty, and staff, and third-party providers who may be contracted to perform such work. 


This Policy guides the design, development, coordination, execution and approval of all University-related fundraising and advancement activity (with the exception of research grants), including but not limited to fundraising campaigns and initiatives and related messaging, charitable gift processing and acknowledgment, official alumni engagement, and advancement and fundraising events paid for with University funds and/or that use University facilities and related resources. 

For this Policy, University-related fundraising and advancement activity is defined as:

  • Any and all requests for monetary or other gifts to support any activities undertaken by students, faculty, or staff as part of Duquesne University operations or programs; 
  • Processing and acknowledgment of charitable gifts; 
  • Planning and execution of advancement and fundraising events paid for with University funds and/or that use university facilities and related resources;
  • Invitations to individuals and groups to participate in activity related to constituent cultivation, constituent engagement (as defined in II.B.i of this TAP) and solicitation, including but not limited to membership on advisory boards and similar organizations connected to schools, departments and programs; and
  • Related communications of any kind that are broadcast or published to alumni. 

This Policy evidences the University's commitment to ensuring that all University-related fundraising activity aligns with the University’s mission and with laws and regulations governing fundraising activity, appropriately enhances Duquesne’s image, and supports approved priorities and programs. 

I. Policy

The Division of University Advancement (the “Division”) is responsible for ensuring that all University-related fundraising and advancement activity aligns with the University’s mission, priorities, standards, and policies.  The Division is vested with the authority to oversee and maintain consistent, coordinated, and research-informed fundraising and advancement activity that comports with recognized professional standards and that supports events, constituent engagement, and fundraising and alumni relations activity.  All University-related fundraising and advancement activity must be coordinated through the Division to ensure that the University forwards its mission, protects its reputation, optimizes its relationships with key constituents and presents a consistent identity, image, and message. TAPs exist relevant to this policy, including TAP 27: Political Activity.

II. Key Concepts

  1. Fundraising

    The Division of University Advancement is responsible for coordinating the University’s efforts to secure philanthropic financial support; keeping University leadership informed of requests for outside support; coordinating fundraising efforts such that the possibility of dual solicitation of a donor is limited; and ensuring effective and professional approaches are made to all potential donors.
  2. Alumni Engagement

    The Office of Alumni Engagement is responsible for ensuring that all University alumni programs and activities are conducted according to the highest professional standards and are consistent with the mission and overall goals of the University. As the primary liaison between the University and the Alumni Association, the Office of Alumni Engagement assists all authorized alumni organizations of the University in the planning and conducting of activities and programs; fosters an ongoing relationship of goodwill and cooperation between the University and its alumni; and seeks to involve responsible alumni volunteers in programs and activities which serve the University and aid it in the fulfillment of its overall educational goals and mission.
  3. Conference and Events Services

    University-related fundraising and advancement activity must be coordinated with the approval and involvement of the Office of Conference and Events Services.
  4. Stewardship and Confidentiality of Information
    The Division maintains confidential records containing personal and confidential biographical and philanthropic information about University alumni and friends. This information is intended exclusively for purposes related to the Division’s operations, such as the promotion of alumni events and services and the cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of donors. Consistent with the University’s commitment to its alumni and friends, such information is not shared. Confidential information must be treated and maintained as confidential at all times, consistent with the University’s record-keeping policy, advancement policies and industry standards and best practices.

    All charitable contributions received by any University department must be delivered to Advancement Services expeditiously for processing and official acknowledgment. 

IV. Related Information 

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TAP No. 37: Soliciting, Petitioning, Distribution of Literature, Demonstrations and Picketing
TAP No. 63: University Advisory Boards
Internal advancement procedures, departmental policies, and guidelines
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Forthcoming: Facilities Use Policy

V. Violations

Violations of this Policy will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are subject to formal disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. 

VI. History

Date of most recent revision: August 2023

VII. Ownership of Policy

Vice President of University Advancement, Division of University Advancement