TAP No. 55: Ethical, Respectful and Professional Conduct 


This policy applies to all University employees.


The purpose of this policy is to help to ensure that University employees abide by fundamental principles of respectful behavior, ethics and professionalism, as is consistent with the University's Mission and Identity.

I. Overview:

The policy will promote a professionally effective and collaborative work environment at Duquesne University through the establishment of guidelines for employees' conduct and behavior. The ways in which the University community uniquely embodies the core values of the University - which include integrity, respect, excellence and responsibility - are the cornerstone of the Duquesne experience and must be an enduring part of the work-life of each and all of its members.

II. Expectations:

All employees are expected to conduct themselves professionally, and demonstrate respect for others, honesty and integrity. Accordingly, employees must:

  1. Cooperate with and treat fellow employees and students with honesty and respect.
  2. Exhibit a commitment to ethical and professional conduct.
  3. Strictly refrain from any dishonest, illegal and/or fraudulent actions.
  4. Refrain from recording (audio or video) other members of the University community without their full advance knowledge and express and/or written consent.
  5. Maintain and respect the privacy and/or confidentiality of information entrusted to them.
  6. Manage people and resources responsibly.

III. Reporting:

Employees who have any concerns regarding possible violation of this Policy should contact their immediate supervisor, senior department head, or vice president.

IV. Related Information:

TAP No. 7, Ethics Reporting and Fiscal Misconduct

V. Violations:

Violations of this policy will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are subject to formal disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

VI. History:

Date of most recent revision: February 2019

VII. Ownership of Policy:

Office of Human Resources