Juris Doctor/Master of Healthcare Ethics Joint Degree

Thomas R. Kline School of Law of Duquesne University and McAnulty College Graduate School of Liberal Arts

A student may earn both the Juris Doctor and a M.A. in Healthcare Ethics degrees. The program, which includes required experiences in clinical setting, is offered in conjunction with the Duquesne University's Center for Healthcare Ethics.

Students who wish to pursue practice in health-related fields can complete the program in three to four calendar years. Students are not eligible for this program if they have substantially completed course work in either program.


Application instructions for the J.D. degree are available on the Thomas R. Kline School of Law of Duquesne University's application process page.

Application instructions for the M.A. are available on the McAnulty Graduate School of Liberal Arts' M.A. in Healthcare Ethics page.

Candidates are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office for both schools prior to applying.

Program Type

Major, Dual Degree