LL.M. for Foreign Lawyers

The Law School of the University of Cologne and the Thomas R. Kline School of Law of Duquesne University each offer an LL.M. Degree Program for foreign lawyers. The LL.M. program takes one year (two semesters) and concludes with the defense of a thesis.

Semester Abroad

Cologne students have the possibility to study for one or two semesters at Duquesne University. Similarly, Duquesne students are very welcome to study at Cologne University for one or two semesters. The Faculty Representatives of each University are the responsible contact persons.

Internship in Pittsburgh

The Duquesne Kline School of Law aids Cologne students or Referendare with the search for a place for an internship. During such an internship, students get to know the American legal praxis. Dr. Kirk W. Junker and Professor Katherine Norton are the contact persons at the Duquesne Kline School of Law for the internship program. Ms. Norton directs the Clinics Program of the Duquesne Kline School of Law. The internship is a typical program for U.S. students while studying law. They can choose between different internships such as work with a civil or criminal judge, work in the public defender's office or work pro bono for clients guided by a lawyer. The offerings are diverse; German students have the same possibilities. Depending on their stay in Pittsburgh and their personal preferences they can develop their own program. Such a program can also be undertaken during the Referendariats, especially the student's choice stage.

Research for a Thesis

Cologne's Ph.D. students can visit the Duquesne Kline School of Law for research for a doctor thesis that has a connection to American law. The doctoral students have their own office in the law library and have free access to the online databases WestLaw and Lexis. The Duquesne professors are very approachable and happy to help the students in any way possible.