Catholic Studies

When you major or minor in Catholic studies, you’ll focus on the study of Catholic theology, history, philosophy, culture and arts, gaining a deeper understanding of the Catholic tradition, as well as its impact on the world.

You’ll immerse yourself in an interdisciplinary program devoted to the study of Catholicism, becoming equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in meaningful discussions about Catholicism and its impact on the world.

You’ll explore Catholicism’s interactions with every facet of life through a curriculum that brings the immense riches of the Catholic faith and Catholic culture into every discipline of Duquesne’s liberal arts landscape. 

We welcome students of all backgrounds to learn more about the Catholic faith and apply the lessons learned across a wide variety of career fields—from business and nursing, humanities and the sciences or academia, the arts and law.


Program Information

Our Catholic Studies major/minor integrates Catholic teachings and faith with other disciplines, elevating your understanding of the world through a comprehensive perspective.

Program Type

Major, Minor





Required Credit Hours

30, 15

Learning Outcomes

Explore theology, history, culture and society.

As a Catholic studies student, you are encouraged to:

  • Identify the theological and philosophical tenets, doctrines and practices that distinguish Catholicism from other religions.
  • Articulate the impact of Catholicism on various aspects of human civilization and in different historical moments.
  • Communicate with fluency about major figures in Catholic artistic and intellectual traditions.
  • Describe the Church as a global human family and cultural diversity as a gift of God's creation.
  • Apply Spiritan principles of justice, peace and the integrity of creation to your personal and professional life that demonstrate leadership, teamwork and service in Catholic, ecumenical and inter-religious contexts.

"If you’re looking for something to revitalize your faith and add another dimension to your academic life, then Catholic studies is perfect. If you want a break from your major and you’re looking for intellectual exercise, then explore what Catholic studies has to offer."

—Thomas Merante

Program Requirements for Major

  • The Word of God in Human Words: Introduction to Scripture
  • I Believe: Principles of the Catholic Faith
  • The Human Drama: The Catholic Church through the Ages
  • Development in the Life of the Church Seminar
  • Human Life and Community
  • History and Persons
  • Ideas and Doctrines
  • Science, Technology and Medicine
  • Catholicism and the Arts
Determined in consultation with the Department Chair. Opportunities include: 
  • Seminar
  • Independent study
  • Internship
  • Portfolio

Catholic Studies Minor

The Catholic studies minor is accessible to all Duquesne students.

Minoring in Catholic studies requires the following classes:
  • CATH 395: Development in the Life of the Church (sophomore/junior year)
  • 4 CATH electives




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Catholic Studies