Women's and Gender Studies

A background in Women's & Gender Studies will prepare you to bring a sense of understanding and empathy to any career you choose. You are encouraged to consider all of the ways gender has impacted the lives of both men and women throughout every stage of life. Gaining insight into the gendered structures of society will allow you to think critically when interacting with peers and create a more inclusive and equitable world. 

Coursework taken through the Center for Women's and Gender Studies will help you further your skills and awareness of these topics, a foundation that will serve you well in careers in arts, business, education, journalism, law, science, and social services.

The B.A. in Women's & Gender Studies is only offered as a second major or a minor.


Program Information

The B.A. in Women's & Gender Studies can be added as a second major or it can be picked up as a minor.

Program Type

Major, Minor





Required Credit Hours


Program Requirements

Students must complete 30 Women's & Gender Studies credits for the second major.

Students must take Women's & Gender Studies courses through at least two disciplines and should take a minimum of 15 credits at the 200-level or above. Some popular course offerings include:
  • WSGS/THEO 201 Women & Christianity
  • WSGS/PSYC 453 Psychology of Gender
  • WSGS/JMA 421 Sex, Myth, & Media
  • WSGS/HIST 433 Gender in American History
All WSGS are cross-listed with departmental offerings. WSGS also offers a number of special topics courses each semester.
If you take a course that is not crosslisted with WGS but contains identiable content devoted to the topic, you may petition to have that course count towards your Women's & Gender Studies degree.
Students who seek an internship that is related to Women's & Gender Studies can petition for the internship to count as up to three credits towards the degree.
Students who take an independent study with identifiable content around Women's & Gender Studies may petition for it to count towards the degree.
Students interested in completing a minor in Women's & Gender Studies can do so by completing 15 credit hours of relatable coursework. 

Nursing students can fulfill up to 6 credits needed for the WGS minor through gender-focused projects in three required Nursing courses.
  • UPNS 348 Nursing for Maternal & Newborn Health 
  • UPNS 357 Population Health
  • UPNS 324 Cultural Applications of Healthcare
Students should contact the Center for Women's & Gender Studies if they wish to get credits towards the WGS minor through these courses for additional information.