Rhetoric and Philosophy of Communication

Duquesne’s master’s program in rhetoric & philosophy of communication will provide you with a deep understanding of communication theory and practice.

You’ll develop advanced critical thinking, research and analytical skills that can be applied to a range of fields, such as academia, law, politics, media and business.  Atop a solid and experienced-based skill set, our traditional liberal arts education will prepare you to think, reason and effectively communicate in leadership roles in any professional arena. 

Further broaden your horizons with a doctoral degree or other graduate program in the field. 


Program Information

Duquesne's master's program in rhetoric & philosophy of communication offers a deep understanding of theory and practice. Develop critical thinking, research, and analytical skills applicable to academia, law, politics, media, and business.



Academic Department

Communication and Rhetorical Studies

Required Credit Hours


“[This program] has truly been the best experience of my academic career. The faculty and staff, and this program, have done a great job preparing me for postgraduation. I consistently feel that what I learn in the classroom has beneficial real-life implications.”

—Jason Bempah

Program Requirements

  • COMM 500 Professional Communication
  • COMM 501 Persuasion in the Marketplace
  • COMM 522 Communication Research & Evidence
  • COMM 523 Communication Ethics & Professional Civility
  • COMM 556 Organizational and Leadership Communication
  • COMM 559 Philosophy of Communication
  • COMM 561 Rhetorical Theory
Students select five (5) electives in consultation with advisors.

Graduate Assistantships

The department offers a limited number of on-campus graduate research assistantships for M.A. students enrolled in this program on a competitive basis.

To be considered for an assistantship, you must be fully admitted to the M.A. program and have submitted the required application information prior to the deadline.

Assistantship Consideration

All M.A. applicants enrolled in the degree program are automatically considered for assistantships. If you are seriously considering an assistantship, we encourage you to write a brief, single-spaced paragraph about work and/or research experience as well as your work ethic within the personal statement.

Assistantship Details

Assistantships include tuition remission and a stipend. Students on assistantship are not permitted to engage in outside employment.

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