Creative Writing

As a creative writing minor at Duquesne, you’ll have the opportunity to take both introductory and advanced courses in a broad range of genres, including poetry, fiction, playwriting, screenwriting and creative nonfiction. We also offer a number of introductory multigenre classes every semester. Please see the course schedule for the offerings in any particular term. 

In these workshop-centered creative writing courses, you’ll read and study published work from authors in your genre, write and receive feedback on your own work from peers and your instructor and take your writing from early draft to more polished material. The goal of all the workshops is always to understand that writing is a process that more often than not requires revision to help the work improve.

Program Information

Our Creative Writing minor offers workshop-centered courses in poetry, fiction, playwriting, screenwriting, and creative nonfiction, allowing you to explore and develop your writing skills.

Program Type




Academic Department




Required Credit Hours


Minor Requirements

The creative writing minor is open to all students at Duquesne

Students must take five classes in at least two genres, including:

  • 6 credits of 300-level creative writing courses
  • 6 credits of 300-/400-level creative writing courses
  • 3 credits of 400-level creative writing courses

Please note: ENGL 101: Multi-Genre Creative Writing may be used instead of one of the 300-level courses, but the course will not satisfy a genre requirement.

English Major With the Writing Minor

English majors with a literature concentration may declare a creative writing minor, since English literature and creative writing are distinct disciplines. No more than one course may count for both the creative writing minor and the English literature major. English majors with a writing concentration may not declare the creative writing minor.

Certain courses—fiction writing workshops, poetry writing workshops, etc.—will always count toward the minor. Any additional courses that may count toward the minor (e.g., Life Writing, Screenwriting) will require approval by the director of undergraduate studies and the English department chair.