Creative and Strategic Media

As a Creative and Strategic Media student, you will learn the art of telling good stories through video, sound, text and graphic design. You will be taught which mediums work best for certain stories and will learn how to frame your messaging in order to capture the attention of the widest possible audience.

Our program enhances students' appreciation for ethical practices and public goods. You will develop sensitivity to the complex definitions of communities of people at large when the internet carries messages beyond historic borders and the United States moves rapidly toward a 'minority' majority population.




Required Credit Hours


Courses for the MFA in Creative & Strategic Media

  • ADPR 567 Media Research Methods
  • DMA 501 Introduction to Media Design
  • MDIA 565 Ethical Issues in Media
  • MDIA 582 Legal Issues in Media Law
  • MDIA 700 Project/Thesis
  • DMA 505 Graphic Design Process
  • MDIA 501 Workshop: Creativity in Media
  • MDIA 517 Critical Studies in Media
  • MDIA 541 Media Writing
  • MDIA 568 Seminar: Media Entrepreneurship
  • 4 Media elective courses