Digital Media Arts – Interactive Design and Media

Our undergraduate degree in digital media arts, with an interactive design & media (ID&M) concentration, brings together design, human-technology interaction, digital media and information technology to prepare you for a professional career in media after graduation. Design (a process of conceiving, planning and making of products) is central to ID&M.

Through hands-on courses and with real-world clients, students learn how to:

  • Design and prototype websites and mobile apps.
  • Design interfaces and user experiences, including locative media, wearable electronics, interactive narratives and extended or augmented reality.
  • Evaluate usability.
  • Create and optimize media.
  • Apply design processes and standards.
  • Create database-driven content.
  • Develop interactive client-side web interfaces.


Program Information

The DMA, Interactive Design track combines design, human-technology interaction, digital media, and information technology. Create unique and impactful experiences for technology users. Embrace innovation.

Program Type




Academic Department




Required Credit Hours


Program Requirements

  • MDIA 140 Media Literacy
  • MDIA 260 Media Design
  • MDIA 465W Media Ethics
  • MDIA 473 Media Law
  • DMA 226 Interactive Media & Design
  • DMA 308 Interactive Design Studio (Methods)
  • DMA 318 Interactive Design Studio (Process)
  • DMA 331 Web & Mobile Design
  • DMA 464 Human Computer Interaction
  • DMA 462 Elements of User Experience (UX Design)
  • DMA 472 Dev. Studio I (Creative Coding)
  • DMA 475 Dev. Studio II (Cross-Channel Experiences)