Digital Media Arts – Multimedia

As a digital media arts student with a multimedia concentration, you will be immersed in a world of creative thinking, design, information management, development, interactive environments and visual communication through technology. You will use what is learned in the classroom to create robust multimedia experiences in a variety of disciplines and industries. 

As a multimedia student, you will learn how to:

  • Professionally edit digital photographs.
  • Create and manipulate images for various digital platforms.
  • Create engaging videos to be viewed on digital devices.
  • Create and design websites that capture the attention of the organization's target audience.
  • Apply graphic design principles to create engaging pieces.
  • Create and manipulate digital sound.


Program Information

The Multimedia track emphasizes creative thinking, design, visual communication, and storytelling. You will create dynamic multimedia experiences tailored to intended audiences, showcasing your creativity and skills.

Program Type

Major, Minor



Academic Department




Required Credit Hours


Program Requirements

  • MDIA 140 Media Literacy
  • MDIA 260 Media Design
  • MDIA 465W Media Ethics
  • MDIA 473 Media Law
  • ADPR 340W Writing for Advertising & Copywriting
  • DMA 402 Visual Design & Layout
  • DMA 440 Professional Development and Project Management
  • 15 media elective credits

Minor in Digital Media Arts: Multimedia

The 18-credit digital media arts minor can be a great addition to your major coursework, regardless of whether your major is inside or outside of the College of Liberal Arts.

The digital media arts minor is strongly encouraged for students who are thinking about entering an industry where digital media skills are encouraged and utilized. 21st-century technology makes having a digital media arts background (whether major or minor) a strong asset on any resume.